Image: Livoltek.

Solar Power Portal and Livoltek are co-hosting a webinar that will explore the flexibility of small energy storage systems for solar. To register for the webinar, which takes place at 14:00 AM (BST) on 5 July, please click here.

Product outline

Livoltek has introduced its All-in-one Energy Storage System (ESS) which combines a hybrid inverter and low-voltage batteries to avoid expensive load peaks by storing solar power and using it whenever needed. Its energy storage capacity can be expanded up to 25kWh by adding extra batteries.

The product can be naturally cooled, and while it's functioning, it's extremely quiet. Additionally, the distinctive aesthetic design has so far received praise from many global users.

The Livoltek hybrid bi-directional inverter can be adapted to residential and small businesses’ self-consumption with battery storage. Its integrated backup power function and automatic activation in the case of a power outage allow customers to benefit from energy independence via the export power control feature and time of use shifts for lower electricity costs.

Furthermore, its modular scalable design offers the flexibility to start from a small size and be expandable as needs grow. With the most practical functions, remote diagnosis and upgrade, and plug & play connectors, this hybrid inverter helps economise on time-consuming installations and maintenance with minimised efforts.

Moreover, with offices and warehouses all over the world, as well as the most experienced local technical team, Livoltek is able to provide its global customers with high-quality solar goods and one-stop energy solutions, as well as fast local delivery and local support.


Livoltek asks solar installers how they recommend the best inverter and battery product for customers in terms of current needs for solar generation and storage. This must also include options for future upgrades that don’t compromise installation and O&M complexity for the initial installation as well as future upgrades.


The compact, space saving nature of the All-In-One system combined with its high performance and long warranty, and ease of use of the app means it is a winner for residential customers. Built in EPS means customers will have power during power cuts, and customers can control battery charge and discharge to make the most of time of use tariffs from utility companies.

For the installer, the plug and play out of the box installation with everything included in the box means fast installation, and Bluetooth or wifi commissioning on the app is quick and simple.  Every battery has built in BMS and all the cabling components in the box to make future upgrades just as ‘plug and play’ simple.


The All-in-One system is suitable and fully certified for residential applications in UK and Ireland. 

Featuring a compact design, robust safety features, and superior performance, the Livoltek hybrid bi-directional inverter can be perfectly adapted to residential and small businesses’ self-consumption with battery storage.


150% DC/AC ratio for more PV capacity
Single Dual MPPT for 3KWp inverter model, Dual MPPT for 3.68 and 5kWP inverter model
Max input voltage 600v
Max input current 17.5A for connection of higher capacity modules
Connect up to 5 x 5 kWh batteries to give maximum storage capacity 25kWh
Battery Charge/Discharge 50a/100a
Battery lifecycle 6,000 cycles
10-year warranty


Livoltek’s All-in-one Energy Storage System (ESS) is available now in UK and Ireland.