Lovania Nurseries in Tarleton near Preston already harnesses the power of the sun to produce over 65 million bedding, alpine flowering and bulb plants each year but now the nursery can add generating clean electricity to the list, thanks to the installation of a 50kWp solar array.   

Lovania has been interested in installing a solar array on its premises as far back as 2011, however, the company was told that the nursery’s fragile carbon fibre roof would not be able to safely hold a solar array.

After being told this by a number of solar installers, Lovania abandoned its solar ambitions. However, early in 2012, NSS Renewables was installing a solar array near Lovania Nurseries, and the nursery approached NSS Renewables to ask if they could find a solution to the carbon fibre roof problem.

Working closely with the company’s specialist Roofing Consultants, the team proposed a series of work that would replace the roof out of hours – ensuring no work disruption. The olds roof sheets were replaced with new double skin, insulated, metal trapezoidal sheeting that houses the new 50kWp solar array. The solar array and the insulated roof are expected to save the nursery more than £10,000 a year off its energy bill.