Low Carbon has announced that it has completed a deal to construct a 10MW solar farm in Dorset.

The solar farm is predicted to generate around 9,732MWh a year, negating the emission of around 4,336 tonnes of carbon in the process. The 10.1MW installation will produce enough electricity to power nearly 3,000 homes.

Commenting on the need for renewable energy projects, John Cole, chief investment officer of Low Carbon, said: “Now is the right time for investors to get behind renewable energy and address two of the biggest challenges facing the UK: energy security and climate change.”

The deal forms part of Low Carbon’s ongoing collaboration with Macquarie Capital, who will provide construction funding for the 10.1MW project.  

Construction of the solar farm started this month, with the company expecting the project to be grid-connected by autumn 2014 in order to benefit from renewable obligation support.