Luton Borough Council has committed to a third party funded solar electricity scheme which will see the installation of solar panels on a number of social housing properties across the town.

After conducting an initial survey the council found that more than 4,500 domestic properties would be suitable for photovoltaics installations, as well as some of the town’s corporate buildings.

The Council is now inviting submissions from companies that would be interested in running a rent-a-roof scheme in Luton. This type of scheme permits tenants to ‘host’ solar panels on their roof, thereby taking advantage of free solar electricity, while the company that installs the systems benefits from feed-in tariff payments.

Interested parties are now invited to contact the Strategy and Sustainability Team which has a detailed list of properties. Entries can be submitted via post to: Strategy and Sustainability Team, Town Hall, Luton, LU1 2BQ, or by emailing [email protected]. The deadline for submissions is 5pm, Tuesday 31 May.