The GeoInformation Group’s Solar Energy Mapping solution has recently been utilised by London-based Solar PV Engineering Procurement and Construction Contractor, M3 Solutions, in order to save time and effort in solar irradiance surveys. Delivered either as a detailed property report or database, the solar energy map identifies and measures building roof potential for solar panel installations.

M3 Solutions’ Commercial Director said, “The solar reports enabled us to present a more accurate return on investment for our client from the initial feasibility and budget proposals. We expected to save time and effort in basic solar irradiance surveys for multiple sites and also save time with more advanced surveys for individual sites due to the site profiling”.

The company purchased the solar mapping solution as part of an effort to assure clients of the “real” potential yields of a solar PV system instead of offering generic SAP figures. The solar reports and database, available as standard or advanced depending on the level of property detail required, utilise some of the very latest techniques in solar energy mapping, taking into consideration the roof’s predominant slope and aspect, its building elevation and local obstructions along with an aerial photo, solar radiation map and solar statistics.

“The cost of surveying hundreds of individual sites can be high, however this solar mapping tool enables us to quickly assess sites accurately as a desktop exercise at a fraction of the cost. The technology used and aerial view provided conveys a professional report tailored to a client’s specific location that enables us to stand out from other quotations and proposals,” concludes M3.