Mage Solar has launched a Europe-wide installer road show, which kicked off with two intensive workshops held in the UK. A total of 18 installers from 10 trade businesses from Southern England were invited to expand their expertise in the photovoltaic field and get to know the integral coordinated Mage Solar system components hands on.

During the workshops, solar installers were given the opportunity to look through best-practice examples, as well as learning about the products from a practical perspective. Through regular training of trade partners Mage Solar insures the quality of installation and service for the local plant operator.

The program was supplemented with discussions on the challenges posed by the daily life of installers.

“The road show enables us to better support our partners on site – with their technical questions about installations or in choosing the right components,” said Dr. Markus Feil, CEO of Mage Solar. “The opening in England was a great success and showed that close contact with tradesmen is extremely valuable in allowing us to adjust to market impulses and is rewarding for both sides to implement.”

Future events have been scheduled in Belgium, Italy, Greece and Slovakia.