Image: MAN Energy Solutions.

Highview Power has chosen MAN Energy Solutions to provide its LAES turbomachinery solution for its 50MW/250MWh CRYOBattery under development in Carrington Village, Greater Manchester.

The MAN turbomachinery train is to form the core of the liquid-air energy storage facility, which Highview claims will be one of the largest battery storage systems in Europe once completed.

Construction of the asset – which is being developed with Carlton Power – began in 2020, with plans for it to enter into commercial operation in 2022.

This construction is to proceed in two phases, with the first to involve the installation of a ‘stability island’ to provider near-instantaneous energy grid stabilisation. This is to be achieved using a generator and flywheel among other components. Enabling the short-term stabilisation will provide the basis for Phase 2 and the completion of the liquid-air energy storage system including various compressors, air expanders and cryogenic equipment.

Phase 2 will see the integration of stability services with a full-scale long duration energy storage system.

The Carrington project is to offer a blueprint for future projects, according to Highview and MAN Energy Solutions, as well as cement the partnership between the two.

Wayne Jones OBE, chief sales officer and member of the Executive Board of MAN Energy Solutions, said there has been “a lot of background work involved in getting to this stage – in the face of much competition – and I am personally delighted that Highview Power has chosen to work with MAN Energy Solutions”.