The University of Nottingham’s Creative Energy Homes ‘Green Close’ is now home to Mark Group’s C60 research house, which is designed to demonstrate how a range of different renewable and energy saving technologies, including solar power, can work together.

The four Mark Group Energy-Saving House will be built over three levels, with four bedrooms and provide living accommodation for students. The building will also feature research and monitoring facilities for both the University and industry partners.

Nathan Snowden-Merrills, Mark Group’s Project Director said, “The University of Nottingham is pioneering research into climate change and renewable energy technologies. As a business, Mark Group makes over 6,000 homes in the UK more energy efficient every week, through insulation and installation of microgeneration technologies. We have therefore met our perfect partner if you like, for driving research and understanding of energy saving solutions.

“The Mark Group Energy Saving House will be developed by our own in-house team, working with suppliers and partners from across the industry. We will be selecting those who are experts in their field, to provide the most sustainable solutions and technology to create a live-able, fully sustainable, low carbon home.”

Professor Saffa Riffat, Professor of Sustainable Energy Systems at the University of Nottingham added, “The Creative Energy Home project has been very successful and we are extremely pleased that Mark Group has stepped in to realise the potential of the fifth property on the development.

“The opportunities provided by the homes on Green Close are immense. They are giving us an insight into how we might live in the future, an understanding of what could be possible through new construction methods, knowledge of the technology we have at our disposal and of course, adapting the way we as humans live within the built environment.”

The Creative Energy Homes project aims to stimulate sustainable design ideas and promote new ways of providing affordable, environmentally sustainable housing that are innovative in their design.