London has significant rooftop solar potential, according to Solar Energy UK

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Solar Energy UK have today launched a new solar skills project to develop the solar industry in the capital through job creation and education.

The project has five stated principles: develop a solar PV learner curriculum; establish introductory workshops for trainees; create a placement programme with London’s solar businesses; construct a solar training and careers hub; set up a grant scheme to support businesses in training activities.

“This programme will provide training and apprenticeships in solar technologies and help create more green jobs in the renewable energy sector,” said Shirley Rodrigues, deputy Mayor for environment and energy.”

Sadiq Khan is targeting 1GW of solar deployment in London by 2030. Solar Energy UK said London “has significant rooftop solar potential”, and tools such as the London Solar Opportunity Map have been set up to facilitate the deployment of PV projects in the capital.  

Rodrigues said the Mayor has “ambitious” plans for solar in London to reach his 2030 net zero target as part of his “Green New Deal mission for London’s recovery”.

“This project will help equip the next generation of skilled solar technicians and boost London’s hopes of delivering a green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic,” Solar Energy UK chief executive Chris Hewett.