The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) has confirmed that it is delaying the implementation of MCS 012 until June 30, 2014.

In a letter seen by Solar Power Portal, Griff Thomas, chair of MCS Standards Management Group, explained that the delay was necessary because of the small number of products that have been certified as MCS 012 compliant.

Explaining the decision, Thomas said: “As a result of this small number of approved products confirmed as being certified for use at time of writing, and uncertainty over the timing for completion of testing, certification and listing of products currently in the certification process, it has been reluctantly agreed by MCS that the mandatory implementation date of MCS 012 will be delayed by three months to 30 June 2014.”

The solar industry had expressed serious concerns over the lack of products certified as MCS 012 compliant. Currently – as of March 17, 2014 – only 15 pitched roof mounting products have been certified, meaning that only 10 products have been certified since December 2013.

Commenting on the news, Jon Sturgeon, head of product development at Solarcentury said: “MCS 012 is a good thing. It’s good for consumers that PV products meet the same standard as regular roofing products. However, over the last four months we had become increasingly concerned that there were so few certified products that had made it over the line, so it’s a relief that there is an extension to the deadline and that we avoid considerable disruption to homeowners and installers. The certification process is involved and rigorous and we sincerely hope that manufacturers don’t now take their foot off the pedal.”

Thomas said that the decision to delay the implementation of the standard was taken to “protect installers who may have found themselves with a dramatically reduced number of MCS 012 certified products available to use on projects from 1 April.”

MCS has warned that the 30 June deadline will not be extended and has urged any manufacturers who have not already received compliance to “complete their work with utmost urgency”.