The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) Standards Management Group has announced that it has delayed the introduction of MCS012, due to take effect tomorrow.

MCS claims that a ‘pause’ in implementation is necessary in order to consider whether its needs to notify the European Commission of MCS012.

Writing to stakeholders, Griff Thomas, chair of MCS Standards Management Group explained: “Due to information received through routine regulatory channels last week, MCS is of the opinion that it has to consider the notification to the European Commission of  MCS012 – Product Certification Scheme Requirements: Pitched Roof Installation Kits.

“As such, the MCS Standards Management Group has decided that until it is fully understood whether notification is required, a very regrettable pause is required in the implementation to ensure that MCS continues to meet its obligations.”

Thomas acknowledged that stakeholders would be frustrated by the fourth delay to the standards implementation and expressed his hope that the delay “will be as short as possible”.

MCS012 was initially scheduled to be implemented in September 2013, however, due to a small number of compliant products the implementation was then pushed back until April 2014. With product numbers still too low, MCS confirmed another delay, this time until June 30, 2014. The latest delay means that installers will no longer have to use MCS012-certified products for pitched roof installations from 1 July 2014.

MCS states that when it has further information it will communicate it to all stakeholders. Currently, there are 49 products listed as MCS012 compliant.