The MCS installation database has buckled under the pressure of installers rushing to register systems before December 12, when the axe falls on the current 43.3p/kWh feed-in tariff rate, cutting it by more than half, down to 21.0p/kWh.

Users reported problems with logging into the database and registering systems early on December 7. The collapse of the platform is a major concern for installers who are already rushing to install and register systems within the six-week time period given by the Government, between the announcement of the cuts and their implementation.

Kelly Roe, Residential Co-ordinator for Northampton-based Wirsol Solar commented: “I was completely locked out of the system all day and when I eventually got through, I only managed to register two systems in 12 hours.

“It’s hard enough battling against this archaic deadline without the infrastructure collapsing around you.”

MCS acknowledged the problems faced by installers trying to access the database stating: “Due to the high levels of traffic on the website, the MCS database may be running slow. We are trying to resolve this issue as soon as possible and do apologise for any inconveniences caused.”

The recent failing of the installer database comes after MCS issued a statement to installers on December 5 admitting that the increased number of installations being uploaded had led to a delay in certificates being generated, stating: “If you receive a message stating ‘Pending Generation’ or your certificate is highlighted in blue under the administration tab, the certificate is in a queue and should be with you shortly.”

According to our sources over 4,000 installations were registered yesterday, equating to 12MW worth of capacity. The Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, Greg Barker, tweeted: ” [sic] Good conf call 2 DECC confirms action 2 boost #MCS website 2 deal w 9000 new applications per day. New servers & support lines quadrupled.”

Installers are becoming increasingly concerned about registering installs before the December 12 deadline, despite MCS and DECCs best effort to get more staff for December 10 and 11.

A DECC representative told Solar Power Portal: “The MCS website is working and installers can login to register installations and generate MCS certificates.  Many new certificates are being issued every day.  We are aware that the website is running slowly due to the high volume of installations being registered and installers are experiencing delays in logging into the system. We are working with Gemserv, who operate the website, to monitor and manage the situation.”

It is not clear at this point how many registrations, if any, have been affected by the crash in the system.