The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) has announced a new consultation on the competence requirements for those working in the solar industry.

The scheme is undertaking the consultation to better clarify the requirements at a company level for those companies already involved in the scheme as well as those looking at joining the scheme. MCS has identified the largest challenge facing installers within the renewable sector in joining the MCS has been “translating the company specific requirements in the MCS scheme documents into the existing competence criteria for individuals working within a company.

“The proposals presented in the consultation show how we have now developed the company competence criteria for different roles now established, and also identifying which roles are required for each of the different technologies covered by the Scheme.”

MCS hopes that the proposals will make it easier for interested parties to understand exactly what is required of them to become members of the scheme.   

MCS is also working on developing clearer criteria for those companies already operating under the scheme who wish to remain so. The scheme is looking at clear criteria for experienced workers who do not hold specific individual qualifications.

“This criteria is set at the same level of existing qualification frameworks, and so ensures there is a level playing field for all individuals and companies joining the Scheme. The Experienced Worker Route (EWR) document is guidance to be used by all Certification Bodies to ensure consistency when approving companies against the performance criteria within the MCS Scheme documents.”

The consultation documents can be found here. The video below provides a summary on the consultation and a more detailed explanation of the wider project.