Image: MCS.

Image: MCS.

National certification scheme MCS has launched a new certification mark for installers and manufacturers.

The mark can be adopted by MCS-certified installers to give consumers confidence, with the body aiming for it to make customer decisions to invest in renewables easier.

Ian Rippin, CEO of MCS said the creation of the certificate for installers and manufacturers was a “milestone” for the company.

“Our striking new certification mark is bold and we hope that it will not only play a market-shaping role, but a market-making one. This launch helps to align the brand with MCS’s business strategy which aims to respond to a turbulent market and ignite growth in the industry.”

“I would urge our members to embrace the new Mark fully and use it to promote the quality of the work you are doing wherever you can. Doing this will not only enhance your reputation but the reputation of the whole home-grown energy sector.”

The launch of the mark follows the rebranding of the standards company in August, which it hopes will make investing in renewable energy more accessible for consumers.

The company certifies low-carbon products and installations used to produce electricity and heat from renewable sources, creating and maintaining standards.

MCS has provided certification for a number of technologies, and is currently in the process of developing one for energy storage following a consultation period that finished in August.