Renewable energy distributor, Metgen, has announced that it will be bolstering its solar offering with the introduction of Phono Solar’s Diamond Series 250MW module.

Metgen has begun stocking the module as a direct response to the current shortage of “good quality, competitively priced 250W modules” in the UK – a symptom of the uncertainty created by the current European Commission investigations into alleged dumping and illegal subsidisation of Chinese solar products.

“Regardless of the final outcome of the courts, the renewed disruption bought about by the proposed import duty has once again thrown the UK PV Market into disarray”, said Ed Webb, Metgen’s managing director.

“We have risen to the challenge of seeking the optimum solution for our customers to ensure they can continue to quote for their customers in a consistent and competitive manner. The Diamond Series was an obvious choice for us given our on-going commitment to Phono Solar, and the fact that between us, we have been able to secure good levels of stock for the UK market. As a result we are hopeful we will continue to be able to supply to order throughout these difficult times.”