Mitsubishi Electric launched the second phase of its Green Gateway philosophy at the recent World Green Building Week, organised by the UK Green Building Council.

The company is calling for a national debate on energy use in buildings to help Britain tackle the triple challenges of climate change, fuel security and rising fuel costs.

Martin Fahey, Sustainable Solutions Manager for the Hatfield-based company said: “When you look at the areas where the country needs to reduce energy use, our building stock offers the greatest hope of helping meet the very tough carbon emissions reduction targets that Government has agreed.”

Buildings in all their forms account for 44% of the country’s total CO2 emissions, more than any other sector including transport.  

“The answer has to be to work with what we’ve got by improving the efficiency of existing buildings and use advanced renewable energy systems to ensure we minimise consumption,” Fahey adds.  “We have got to get every household, business and commercial premises thinking along the lines of being lean, mean and green.”

Mitsubishi Electric is a major supplier of renewable heating, air conditioning, heat recovery ventilation and photovoltaic power generating equipment. The company is using its position within the market to start a dialogue with all involved in the built environment.

Mitsubishi Electric has already started the process by talking to its major corporate clients to see how, as a supplier, it can help them achieve their own corporate aims relating to energy use.