PV product manufacturer Motech Industries has recently been awarded with UK accreditation for its range of solar inverters. The certificate of compliance with the Engineering Recommendation (ER) G59/2 was issued by the Energy Networks Association (ENA).

Motech’s UK customers will now have access to the company’s range of grid-connected PV inverters including the PVMate 3300MS, PVMate 3800MS, PVMate 4600MS, PVMate 3300MS-D, PVMate 3800MS-D, and PVMate 4600MS-D.

The ER G59/2 certification contains guidelines for the UK’s electricity distribution networks and sets out the requirements for safely operating generators of capacity up to and including 50kW 3-phase or 17kW single-phase in parallel with the electricity distribution networks, as well as for the generating units that are rated larger than 16A.

In accordance with the requirements of the ER G59/2, Motech’s certified inverters feature an integrated automatic disconnection device which means the inverters will properly disconnect and isolate themselves from the public grid based on the requirements defined in the ER G59/2 if the single-phase PV systems or the public gird encounter problems.