Mounting Systems, a manufacturer of racking systems for solar power plants, has made its UK sales volumes known.

The company claims to have sold enough racking systems to support 204MWp of new British solar power generation capacity, around eleven times what they supplied to the UK in 2013. This used 3,670 tons of recyclable aluminium.
Mounting Systems states that it outperformed its predictions for the UK market in 2014 by large amounts, both in sales of systems for solar farms, and on-roof systems.

The company’s success, believes Stefan Spork, managing director of Mounting Systems, is due to “Mounting Systems’ lightweight aluminium frames” that he believes are easy and fast to assemble.

The company predicts that it will continue last year's success thanks to the acquisition of Haticon, an on-roof specialist. Haticon, which Mounting Systems obtained from Norwegian aluminium company Sapa, is now being integrated into Mounting Systems.

Julian Moeller, senior UK manager of Mounting systems, is hopeful that 2015 will prove lucrative, stating: “In larger rooftops and multi-residential installations, a boom this year would not surprise us, so we expect more overall market share gains in 2015 and 2016.”

Mounting Systems is owned by German industrial group, Nordwest Industrie Group (NWI) and has offices in London.