myenergi launches ‘libbi’ home battery product to complete home energy ecosystem. Image: myenergi.

Eco-smart technology manufacturer myenergi has launched a new home battery called libbi.

The new technology is the latest to be added to myenergi’s portfolio which also includes eddi, a smart solar diverter, and zappi, a solar EV smart charger. The company said the addition of libbi will allow customers to complete a home energy ecosystem and thus maximise self-consumption from their own renewable generation.

In doing so, myenergi hope the technology will help decarbonise households across the UK and reduce demand on the grid by creating self-consuming homes run on renewable electricity.

“We are incredibly excited to bring a smart home battery to the UK market,” said Jordan Brompton, co-founder and CMO of myenergi.

“Around one million homes in the UK now have solar panels, and as electric vehicles sales continue to rise and the transition to electric heating accelerates, we know that there will be huge growth in domestic renewable generation and demand for battery storage to maximise it.”

The libbi home battery solution incorporates the battery, inverter and controller, allowing customers to complete their domestic energy ecosystem.

It is also eco smart, myenergi said, allow the technology to make intelligent decisions about when it provides and stores electricity based on how much energy is used, how much is generated from solar and the customer’s electricity tariff.

The hybrid battery system can also adapt to a wide range of installation setups, accepting both solar and grid charging increasing the flexibility of the technology when in operation. myenergi has said customers can choose whether to charge the libbi from solar, grid energy or a mixture of both – with the latter being optimised around a time-of-use or agile tariff.

“We are committed to innovation and are excited to deliver technologies that help our customers gain more autonomy over their energy,” said Lee Sutton, co-founder and CEO of myenergi.

“Our libbi home battery will help our customers complete their own energy ecosystem, enabling them to become less reliant on electricity supplied from the grid and become more energy independent, in order to both reduce energy costs and reduce their own carbon footprint.”

In 2021, myenergi completed a major product redesign in response to global shortages in silicon by integrating a new, more powerful microprocessor to operate the updated designs. This helps to futureproof the products, it said.