Image: myenergi.

Renewable energy product manufacturer myenergi has completed a major product redesign in response to global shortages in silicon.

The silicon shortage has caused significant manufacturing issues for companies around the world, with lead times for some microprocessors now over one year. This has had a knock-on effect on numerous sectors, including the solar and clean energy industries.

At the same time growth in the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) and other smart energy technologies has led to a demand in myenergi’s control products.

To ensure demand does not outstrip supply in the long-term, the company’s engineers have redesigned its product range. A new, more powerful microprocessor is now being used to operate the updated designs, helping to futureproof them.

“As a key component for our products, we had been building stock to offset the shortage and cover our plans to boost output, but we knew this problem would persist for the foreseeable future,” said Chris Horne, chief technology officer at myenergi. “In light of this, we moved quickly to change our operating platform, completing the project in just three months.”

By redesigning its technology, myenergi will be able to increase production of its zappi, eddi, harvi and hub products. Additional features will also be added to these over time, enabled by the more powerful microprocessor.

The redesign follows myenergi announcing in October that it is to open a new product development, manufacturing and eco office space in North Lincolnshire, to allow it to expand its operations with a view to becoming a leading global manufacturer of home technologies