Energy trade association the National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT) has called on the government to leave the feed-in tariff alone in order to stimulate the domestic solar market.

NAPIT said the government “must leave the FiT scheme untouched” if the UK’s solar industry is to continue to grow and reach a subsidy-free future, which would in turn provide a stable future for the country’s growing numbers of PV installers.

The association has also called upon the government to extend the ring-fenced renewable heat incentive budget beyond the current deadline of March 2016, insisting that it is vital it remains to give installers long-term certainty and an incentive to train workers.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change is expected to start its review of the FiT in the coming weeks and could publish its findings as early as September.

Alternative support of the domestic RHI suggested by NAPIT includes the introduction of third party finance, the re-alignment of tariffs to ensure the scheme remains technology agnostic and an attempt to widen the supply chain by approaching conventional heating installers with new training.

“We mustn’t let the positivity seen in the renewables industry go to waste,” said David Cowburn, managing director at NAPIT Certification.

“If an announcement is made confirming the ambition of the Government to continue funding the domestic RHI and the FiT remains in place then there is no reason this growing market can’t become a strong contributor to meeting the UK’s legally binding target of 15% renewable energy by 2020.

“Installers have the opportunity to position and differentiate themselves as industry leaders if they get trained and certified to install these technologies now,” Cowburn said.