The National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies has produced a free online sales and marketing plan generator.

The planner is designed to help small and medium enterprises operating in the environmental technologies sector find cost-effective methods for promoting their businesses.  

The online tool walks users through a series of questions in order to determine current sales and marketing activities. The tool then generates a downloadable report that provides advice on how to improve the company’s sales and marketing tactics as well as suggesting new ways to promote your business, taking into account its size, geographical location, budget and external forces; such as the recently launched Green Deal.

Cathryn Hickey, executive director for the National Skills Academy, explained why the academy felt the need to provide the service: “SMEs may feel short of the time and perceived budgets attached to sales and marketing activities, however, in a competitive marketplace, these activities are essential. Beyond our training programmes, the National Skills Academy is committed to helping businesses take advantage of the opportunities presented by the low carbon economy.

“We hope that this tool can help companies take positive steps towards new sales and marketing ideas to give their business the edge over others.”

The National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies Sales and Marketing Guide for SMEs is available here.