PV contractor Nationwide Solar has completed a 78kWp installation for construction products manufacturer Hilti at both its head office in Manchester and its logistics and training centre in Stockport.

With more than 330 JA PV panels and utilising Hilti’s own PV mounting systems (MSP), the project was undertaken using the company’s in-house engineering design team. Nationwide Solar and structural consultants work to find the optimum performance solution, placing special importance on the number of south facing panels.

Investment is due to be recovered within 10 years with both systems fitted in less than three days.

Russ Cowan, Managing Director at Nationwide Solar, said: “Despite the Government’s reduction of feed-in tariffs, we are finding that in the vast majority of cases we are able to ensure that PV systems installed now are just as viable as before.

“This is especially true of commercial installations in the 50-250kW range such as Hilti’s and it is a vote of confidence in the revised economics of the technology that the company has undertaken this project.”