Renewables installer Navitron has announced that it has partnered with remote monitoring company Orsis.

The company says the new partnership will allow Navitron to provide a complete remote monitoring and reactive maintenance solution for solar owners. The system will allow users to view generation figures, revenue earned from the feed-in tariff and CO2 savings on its online platform.

Stephen Knight, commercial director at Navitron, explained that remote monitoring is becoming increasingly popular among the market. He said: “The installation of remote monitoring is a trend that is steadily picking up steam within the renewable technology industry – which is why we decided to form a partnership with one of the most pioneering and reliable providers of metering and monitoring equipment.”

The two companies installed the monitoring package on a recent 30kWp solar array at the George Spencer Academy in Nottingham. Knight explained why schools are a perfect fit for monitoring. He said: “Our packages are specifically created for schools or organisations with multiple systems installed, as it’s best to have someone working to keep track of all the panels, how they’re performing and if there are any issues.

“Without remote monitoring, PV systems are usually only looked at to read the generation meters once per quarter, so a system could be switched off or underperforming for three months before anyone notices, which is definitely not ideal because, for larger systems, that could mean the loss of nearly £2,000 in revenue due to faults that could have been found otherwise.”

Gareth Chantler, business development manager for Orsis  said that the company was “delighted” to partner with Navitron, adding: “I am sure that this partnership will benefit a vast number of property owners who have invested in PV by maximising their overall system performance”.