UK distributor Navitron has inked a deal with Italian solar PV optimiser firm BMSolar in order to distribute the company’s BlackMagic power optimiser in the UK.

Navitron says that it has inked the deal with BMSolar in order to fortify its offerings in the future as the industry will have to look at optimisation and maintenance as the market matures.

BMSolar claims that the BlackMagic power optimiser can be used in conjunction with any PV module and inverter to increase output and efficiency due to its module-level maximum power point tracking (MPTT), which is purported to recover the energy that would be lost due to panel mismatch.

Stephen Knight, commercial director at Navitron, explained: “We have been looking after our network of installers for many years and have always provided them with the support they need to operate effectively and efficiently. With BlackMagic optimisers, we’re now adding a tool to help increase their customer’s revenue and open up a new long-term sales cycle.”

Alessandro Caraglio, BMSolar’s founder and Managing Director, added: “We are delighted to be starting a partnership with Navitron. Their long experience in the UK is proof that they have earned their reputation for excellent customer support and design expertise.

“We are proud to work with a limited number of highly trusted partners and are not looking to simply exploit the current surge of new PV installs throughout the UK. We are here for long haul and for the development of the secondary PV market.

“This strategy has proven successful in our domestic market, Italy, and we are starting to see a recognisable trend developing in the UK – so working with companies that share our vision and long-term goals is vital for our success.”

Navitron said that it will begin distributing BlackMagic power optimisers by the end of August 2015.