Visitors to this year’s Solar Power UK event in Birmingham were introduced to Nedap’s new  PowerRouter system, designed to help solar owners get the most benefit from the electricity generated on site.

The PowerRouter system is able to control whether the self-generated solar energy is used instantly, stored in the battery or fed back into the National Grid.  

The system is modular in nature consisting of the PowerRouter Solar Inverter, the PowerRouter Battery Manager and the online monitoring portal, The system’s ‘connect and grow’ capability allows the system to be added to over time.  

In addition to monitoring the generation, total energy consumption can also be analysed by the system by installing a special sensor for the PowerRouter. The sensor, which comes as standard with the battery system, measures the actual grid current. Using the web portal, the system owner is then able to provide up-to-date readings allowing direct insight into the energy production, system status and total energy consumption of the property.

The system is also capable of dynamically managing loads, switching on additional selected loads when there is a surplus of solar energy. For example, excess electricity can be diverted to an immersion heater instead of being fed back into the grid.

Below is a brief video explaining Nedap’s new PowerRouter system: