BISOL Group has launched its newest collection of premium quality photovoltaic BISOL Peak Performance modules with anti-reflective glass, first revealed to the solar trade at this year’s Ecobuild.

BISOL’s new polycrystalline PV modules feature an anti-reflective coating available on 240W, 245W amd 250W configurations. The European manufacturer’s Monocrystalline PV offerings are available in power classes from 250W to 260W.

The Peak Performance modules main feature though, is a specially designed, 3.2 millimetres thick and highly transparent glass has an anti-reflective coating that enables more light absorbance. Consequently all new generation BISOL PV modules have 2 to 3 percent higher energy yield.

All BISOL Peak Performance modules are suitable both for professional and commercial use, and for all types of PV power plants from rooftop, building integrated, ground-mounted and off-grid PV systems. BISOL believes that the new range of modules will be especially appropriate for investors who want more for their money and who want to exploit their roof space to the maximum.

BISOL Group produces a complete range of PV solutions from premium quality mono- and polycrystalline PV modules to innovative BISOL EasyMount understructures and other accompanying solar products.