A new solar installation has helped a specialist computer manufacturer rapidly reduce its energy consumption as well as gain income from the feed-in tariff (FiT).

The Fareham headquarters of Captec is now being powered by a 150kW rooftop solar installation as part of an effort to reduce the business’s electricity consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and financial outlay on power.

The installation was planned for completion in January at a cost of £140,000 and according to Captec, the company has already seen significant reductions in consumption. Usage has reportedly dropped as low as 1kWh during peak solar periods during the day, down from 40-50kWh being used during the same periods of the day before the installation.

A spokesperson for the company said it was aiming to save up to 50% of its current grid demand as a result of the solar array.

Andy Hurley, facilities manager for Captec, said: “We could not be happier with the impact the installation of the solar panels has already had on our company. We are already experiencing substantial benefits from switching to solar energy, benefits we only expect to increase as the summer months draw closer.

“Using solar energy is just a part of our continual mission to keep our electricity consumption at an absolute minimum.”

In addition, the project was completed in time for Captec to benefit from the higher FiT rate. While it is too early to tell how much of an income the company can expect to receive, the payments will help the firm pay back the cost of the solar installation over seven years.