The Microgeneration Certification Scheme has confirmed the election of a new management panel of six industry representatives.

The scheme, responsible for the administration and enforcement of measures controlling the installation of small-scale renewables in the UK, has elected representatives from its steering group to lead it alongside an official from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Those five members are;

  • John Holden
  • Chris Roberts
  • David Matthews
  • Griff Thomas
  • Graham Hazell

Those five will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the scheme and Holden, who also chairs the MCS steering group, said the formation of a “largely new” panel was an “exciting step” for the scheme.

“…with more members than ever before we are sure that the scheme will be ideally placed to deliver tangible benefits to the sector as well as continuing the valuable behind the scenes work required to keep the scheme going.

“To have been able to attract such a broad range of skills to represent the industry on the management panel is a really positive outcome,” he said.

The new management panel takes the reins at a time of change within the scheme, having last year transitioned to charity status.

It also coincides with a review of the installation fees it charges renewables engineers originally designed to keep the scheme sustainable despite a reduction in the number of domestic renewables installs.

Proposed increases to the fees were however sensationally postponed just hours before they were due to come into force following a backlash from installers, who derided the changes as a “cash grab”.