A development of 22 environmentally friendly flats by Yorkshire Housings in Morley Bottoms, Leeds has benefited from the installation of 60 Sandtoft PV48 in-roof solar tiles.

The Chapel Hill site which formed the location of various shops and flats dating back to 1908 has been completely transformed by the £4 million regeneration scheme. The new development comprises 2-bedroom apartments designed to offer affordable housing to local residents.

Joel Owen, Development Project Manager at Yorkshire Housing, said: “These properties are a wonderful example of the modern and environmentally-friendly home.

“From the outset we were keen to make the homes as efficient and environmentally sound as possible, while at the same time reflecting the character of the area. The combination of the Cassius and PV48 solar solution met these requirements perfectly. This part of Morley Bottoms has been completely transformed and we’re incredibly pleased with the finished result.”

Andrew Lawton, Sandtoft’s Sales Director, said: “As well as offering an aesthetic solar solution, the PV48 is supplied as a complete system which can be easily and quickly installed by the roofing contractor. There is no need for a separate solar installer which reduces the number of trades on the roof and saves time. Furthermore the PV48 fits with any roof tile or slate regardless of the manufacturer. The Morley Bottoms development is a fantastic example of the flexibility of the PV48.”

The Chapel Hill development has been built through a partnership between Leeds City Council, Yorkshire Housing, Aire Valley Homes Leeds and the Homes and Communities Agency.