Solar system manufacturer Conergy has launched its ‘Conergizer’ systems planning tool in the UK to help users work out the best solar solution for any roof – aesthetically, financially and in terms of solar energy generation potential. The free tool is expected to enable solar projects in the UK that had previously been discounted due to shading issues or because rooftops are not south-facing. The tool is also aimed at increasing awareness of best practice in solar installations.

The Conergizer software prompts users to enter building data such as location, dimensions, roof type and potential obstacles, such as chimneys, trees and neighbouring buildings. The tool then generates a 3D graphical model which is used alongside a sunlight simulation, which in turn highlights areas of shading so solar panels can be positioned for maximum energy generation and financial payback.

“Solar can be a great investment if you put the right panels in the right places,” said Robert Goss, Managing Director of Conergy in the UK. “The Conergizer will help people work out just how much they can make from their rooftops, whether they’re in Aberdeen or the Scilly Isles.”

“One change to the design and the financial picture changes dramatically,” continued Goss. “This shows you just how important professional planning is in solar installations. There are investors right now passing over houses in the UK because they have chimneys or they’re not south-facing. There are installers squeezing in as many panels as they can to maximize power output but that doesn’t always generate the best returns. Solar has massive potential in the UK and this tool can help deliver that.”

The Conergizer also lists parts requirements and prints installation quotations, offering a one-stop shop for installation information. Conergy installer training days are planned until the end of the year. One of these will be held in Birmingham on the eve of Solar Power UK 2011, Britain’s biggest solar conference and exhibition.