Four of the UK’s most respected solar brands have launched a new campaign to educate homeowners to about solar technology. The Our Solar Britain initiative will offer a range of resources and social media profiles on its website to provide advice and respond to questions on everything from feed-in tariffs to environmental benefits.

Wagner Solar, Sanyo, ET Solar and SMA Solar Technology are the four names behind the website, which also features a solar calculator that allows users to estimate the savings and energy generating potential a PV system could offer.

“Our Solar Britain is a call to arms for UK homeowners, designed not only to educate and inform everyone about how solar works, but also about the incentives for adopting it – both ethical and financial,” commented Wagner Solar’s Kamil Shah. “There is just not enough easily accessible information around for those considering solar and other renewable technologies – Our Solar Britain is a direct response to this.”

Our Solar Britain will also have a considerable social media presence. Twitter and Facebook profiles will provide direct points of contact for homeowners and businesses looking for more information about installing solar on their homes and offices, with questions directed to a myriad of experts from the organisations supporting the campaign. Additionally, thanks to a database of approved installers, the website can connect homeowners with recommended installers in their hometown to arrange a visit and quote.