Renewable energy investment adviser, FIM Services, has launched a new fund that aims to raise £20 million to invest in UK solar farms.

The Solar Distribution Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) will acquire large-scale, ground-mounted solar projects in the UK, which FIM Services said were a proven stable investment propect.

The LLP is now accepting applications from investors, with a minimum £30,000 buy in.

FIM’s managing director, Richard Crosbie Dawson, said the LLP’s structure would enable individual investors to “maximise the return from their capital”.

“The LLP allows investors to access a stable revenue stream from a low risk, well proven trade. Solar parks have few moving parts and are easy businesses to manage,” he said.

The LLP has a planned termination date for liquidity set at 10 years, but members will be able to vote every five years for an extension.

It will be aimed at high net-worth investors seeking income opposed to capital growth.

Applications close 23 August 2013 – afterwards share prices will be raised from £1,000 a share, to £1,050, with distributions made from the LLP half yearly, starting at around 8% per annum.