The Associate Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group (PRASEG) have launched “Solar PV Forum”, a new parliamentary forum for those interested in discussing the photovoltaic technology industry.

Plans for the forum through 2010 and into 2011 include MPs visits to Sharp Solar's PV manufacturing plant in Wrexham and regular MP briefings and educational visits to innovative solar PV installations in the UK.  The forum is sponsored by Sharp Solar UK and Solarcentury, and is being supported by the Micropower Council.

The new PRASEG Solar PV Forum group provides an important platform for parliamentarians and the industry to consider and discuss all issues surrounding the up-and-coming solar PV market in the UK.

Alan Whitehead MP, Chairman of PRASEG said, “The Solar PV Forum is an important and very timely addition to our work.  We're launching it at a time when interest in the technology among voters has never been greater. The Feed-in Tariff scheme will deliver hundreds of thousands of household solar PV installations by 2020, so it's vital that Parliamentarians know more about the technology and it's potential.  I know from the experience of living with my own household system that solar PV can make a reliable, hassle free contribution to Government targets and to encouraging more and more people to contribute to the fight against climate change.”