The 100MW Minety battery storage site. Image: Shell Energy Europe

More information on the 1,500V energy storage system solutions supplied by Sungrow for the 100MW Minety battery storage project have today (5 August) been revealed.

Sungrow supplied both NCM and LFP battery energy storage system solutions to the project, with these featuring high integration, minimising the footprint and lowering the commissioning duration and lowering system cost by 5%.

This meets requirements for Dynamic Containment, with plants having to respond to the power instruction of the grid within 1 second.

Celebrated as the largest battery storage development in Europe to date, Minety consists of two 50MW batteries developed by Penso Power and funded by China Huaneng Group and CNIC Corporation. The project began trading last month, with RES having won a tender to provide O&M services for the site.

“We are proud of being part of this landmark project, offering solutions with extreme efficiency and safety while in compliance with the stringent UK grid codes,” said James Wu, vice president of Sungrow.