Domestic solar installs neared 23,000 in December, topped 61,000 in Q4 2015

The UK’s solar industry installed almost 23,000 systems in December 2015 as consumers rushed to have rooftop PV fitted prior to the new feed-in tariff regime.

Installations in December amounted to 22,981 – more than 87% higher than the figure installed in the same month last year – topping up a similar increase that was seen in both October and November.

December’s installs added to 16,436 systems fitted in October and a further 21,980 in November, taking the total number of installations made in Q4 to 61,107.

That number is significant not just because it represents a 64% increase in installations year-on-year, but also because it is only marginally smaller than the total number of sub-10kW installations to be allowed under the deployment caps associated with DECC’s new FiT regime of 63,470.

When the total number of 4-10kW installations made in last three months of 2015 (1,977, according to DECC’s statistics) is added to <=4kW deployment (61,107) it shows that UK solar deployment of sub-10kW in Q4 2015 (63,804 installations) would have all but blown 2016’s deployment cap for the year.

More to follow.