Battery energy storage system from Statkraft in Ireland
A battery energy storage system from Statkraft in Ireland. Image: Statkraft.

NHOA Energy is set to supply Statkraft with a battery energy storage system (BESS) for a 113MWh project in Coylton, Scotland.

Formalised with the signing of a Supply and Long-Term Service agreement, the system marks NHOA Energy’s third foray into the battery storage field in the region. The company had already provided systems for two projects currently under construction in the UK for an aggregate capacity of 130MWh.

The two energy storage projects have a commercial operation date targeted for Q4 2024.

Coylton Greener Grid Park will deliver advanced functionalities such as grid-forming to provide synthetic inertia and potentially other system stability services, and enhanced power quality features, helping to stabilise the grid in the area.

Attached grid-forming inverters will provide stability with these to always stay in ‘grid-forming’ mode, meaning they inherently resist changes in voltage and frequency on the electricity grid.

Commenting on the agreement, Lucie Kanius–Dujardin, executive vice president of global markets of NHOA Energy, stated that BESS will “propel us [NHOA Energy] to the forefront of the energy transition, leveraging the UK’s dynamic market and Statkraft’s expertise”.

Lucy Kent, Statkraft principal project manager, Greener Grid Parks, added that the Coylton Greener Grid Park will “support the increased deployment of renewable energy into the grid and is another investment by Statkraft in the UK’s renewable energy infrastructure”.

This article first appeared on Solar Power Portal’s sister publication