Councils in Norfolk are to launch a collective purchase scheme for solar PV alongside online utility switching service iChoosr.

The scheme – dubbed Solar Together Norfolk – is aiming to entice Norfolk residents into fitting solar PV installations by reducing the price per install in a similar way to how more notable collective purchase schemes such as Groupon offer discounted goods or services to large groups of interested buyers.

The scheme is looking for domestic installers to apply to deliver the installations and has opened an online application process which will run until 24th April.

Only MCS/RECC certified installers with sufficient capacity can apply, and qualifying candidates are then able to access an auction in which the price per installed panels will be set.

Norwich City Council is set to be the first council to adopt the scheme, with more than 1,000 residents expected to purchase solar PV systems through Solar Together Norfolk.

“Collective purchasing is an ideal way for local authorities to stimulate the use of renewables and improve their existing housing stock,” Richard Willson, environmental strategy manager at Norwich City Council, said.

“Residents are offered an attractive and easy opportunity to invest in renewable technology from a trusted provider.

“The local authority will see real results in their ambitions to increase sustainability measures within their district and will create employment opportunities for local businesses at the same time,” Willson added.