The Northern Ireland Assembly has installed a rooftop solar system at its Stormont Parliament Buildings seat which will help it save around £9,000 per year.

Local installer Beacon Renewable Energy undertook the installation and installed 339 Calyxo thin-film modules, selected by the company due to their better performance in low-light and cloud cover conditions.

An additional 71 standard modules were added to the installation, which cannot be seen from the ground and was fitted between April and July this year, which is expected to generate circa 40,000kWh of electricity each year.

Rooftop solar installations on government buildings has been a popular move and the UK government most famously announced plans to install up to 1GW of solar on government estate as part of a ‘solar strategy’ document released last year.

The most notable installation falling under this remit is the 70MWp ground-mount solar farm constructed by British Solar Renewables on DTTC Lyneham in June.

And in Scotland solar has been installed on three prisons in order to help meet their energy demand as part of a deal with installer Campbell & Kennedy earlier this year.