Image: Getty.

Plans for a 28MW solar farm in North Tyneside have been submitted by Northumberland Estates.

The North Tyneside solar farm, estimated to offset 7,487 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year during its 40-year life span, has been called a “major development” for the investment company.

Northumberland Estates have stated that rigorous assessments were undertaken to ensure the suitability of the site, which will be located in the north of the borough and can be accessed from the B1322 road to Seghill.

The plans include a number of ecological enhancements to increase biodiversity across the site. Extensive tree belts and hedgerows will be planted to help shield the solar PV panel array from view, whilst existing hedgerows would be retained and strengthened. Wildflowers meadow grassland will also be sown across the site.

 “The proposed plan for a solar farm in North Tyneside aligns with the Council’s ambitions to make North Tyneside carbon net zero by 2030 and will do so achieving biodiversity net gain and environmental improvements,” said Barry Spall, development planner at Northumberland Estates.

“Faced with increased energy costs it is prudent that the UK reduces its reliance on fossil fuels to ensure cleaner, cheaper energy sources, such as solar, are available to everyone.”