SIEL Energy Systems has now completed one of the UK’s largest solar rooftop installations at the new NYSE data center in Basildon. The 600kWp project, which was completed within budget, was formally switched on by the Member of Parliament for Basildon and Billericay, Mr. John Baron and NYSE Euronext’s Group Executive Vice President and Head of Global Derivatives, Garry Jones.

The installation comprises of six SOLEIL LV photovoltaic inverters, each at 100kWp. The individual inverters are configured with 29 strings of high output multicrystalline PV modules manufactured by Tenesoland connected via intelligent parallel string boxes. A full communications and data-logging system based on SIEL’s own TGS2 monitoring platform has also be installed, providing real time surveillance of operational status, alarms and production data for both the individual inverters and photovoltaic strings.

Wayne Harris from SIEL Energy Systems said, “Since commissioning the system the overall performance has exceeded every ones expectations and is generating on average an output 38% higher than initially predicted.”

SIEL was unable to comment on the possibility of extending the initial installation up to its maximum projected capacity of 2MW.