Oakapple Renewable Energy has announced that it is looking to bolster strategic partnerships with PV installers across the UK.

Following the successful closure of the company’s first solar debenture, Oakapple Renewable Energy now has significant funds available. As a result, the Leeds-based company is looking to expand its network of solar installers.

Oakapple is currently working with a number of installers, providing free solar installs where the roof of the property is leased in order to receive the feed-in tariff benefit. The company is planning to launch two more solar debentures this year.

Philip Taylor, managing director of Oakapple Renewable Energy explained why the partnership would be mutually beneficial, he said: “It not only gives those installers, who may not have the funds to finance a free installment programme, the opportunity to secure the deal and be paid for it, but it also frees up capital for those that may have it tied up in existing ‘free’ schemes.”