Ofgem has confirmed the feed-in tariff rates for solar photovoltaic technology beginning November 1. The rates are as Solar Power Portal reported earlier this month, and are as follows:


FiT rate p/kWh

















Export tariff


Commenting on the news, Paul Williams, CEO of Freetricity, spoke out against the tri-monthly degression model put in place by Government: “With only around 1000 solar installs being done across the whole of the UK in the first three weeks of August  – two per installer company – and a solar industry on its knees,  a further digression of the FiT programme in November will just heap more misery on the green energy sector .

“This at a time when Government are wanting to promote the green deal, desperately need economic growth and job creation and are encouraging businesses like Freetricity to export our knowledge and expertise to new markets. In order to flourish, the industry needs German and American style tangible long term consistent support.”

The November rates will be the first round of FiT cuts enacted under the newly-introduced tri-monthly degression model. Announching the scheme Greg Barker, the Energy and Climate Change Minister, said: “I want to send a very clear message today. UK solar continues to be an attractive proposition for many consumers considering microgeneration technologies and that having placed the subsidy support for this technology on a long-term, sustainable footing; industry can plan for growth with confidence.”

The full feed-in tariff rate table for solar PV can be viewed here.