Energy regulator Ofgem has published prospective feed-in tariff rates for solar PV which will come into force on 1 January providing proposals to cut the FiT dramatically have yet to be enacted.

While the Department of Energy and Climate Change has proposed to cut the FiT by as much as 87% – reducing the rate for domestic installations to just 1.63p/kWh – the department’s consultation closed last Friday and a decision is not expected until late next month at the earliest.

Any changes to the feed-in tariff need to be laid down as amendments to the feed-in tariff order, requiring notice of at least 40 days. This means that 22 November is the latest point at which the government can disclose changes if they are to come into force on 1 January as planned.

However DECC is understood to have received tens of thousands of responses to the consultation, each of which will have to be read and logged as evidence, increasing the chances that an announcement – and subsequent adoption of new FiTs – could slip later into January.

The proposed rates, subject to changes in legislation, are:

≤4 kW


4kW – 10kW


10kW – 50kW


50kW – 100kW


100kW – 150kW


150kW – 250kW




Stand alone