Exactly one month since the introduction of Feed-in-Tariffs, the energy industry has seen an unprecedented boom in solar enquiries from homeowners hurrying to make the most of the scheme’s financial benefits.

npower, the leading utility supplier of solar technology in the UK, has reported an 80 per cent uplift in enquiries, with a record number of customers having panels installed since the beginning of April.

Feed-in-Tariffs, or FITs as they’re more commonly known, launched in the UK on 1 April 2010, offering owners of solar photovoltaic systems payment for every unit of electricity they produce. The scheme offers a significant incentive for homeowners by making solar panels a more affordable option.

When plans for the scheme were announced in July 2009, npower reported a 200 per cent increase in enquires, and since the launch of FITs last month, record numbers of homeowners have registered to have panels installed, boosting the solar industry in the UK.

Louisa Gilchrist, solar expert for npower, comments: “It’s fantastic to see Feed-in-Tariffs generating so much interest with homeowners and the scheme should be applauded for energising the solar industry in the UK.

“FITs pay owners of solar photovoltaic panels for all the energy they generate – regardless of whether they use it themselves or sell it back to the grid, so homeowners can enjoy reduced energy bills in addition to receiving a regular income. The scheme means that the payback period has been reduced to around 15 years for a typical installation costing around £12,000 and this has proved to be a real incentive, especially amongst homeowners who have always had a vested interest in solar energy.”