Although the large-scale solar sector has taken a bit of a bashing in recent times, it seems residential installations have more than made up for this. According to rent-a-roof solar firm HomeSun, one panel is installed every three minutes in the UK.

Apparently, thanks to the unseasonal balmy days we’ve experienced in April, hundreds of UK residents have decided to turn to the sun as their source of power. HomeSun reports that April is the biggest month on record for solar energy in the UK, calculating that a solar panel is being installed on a roof somewhere in Britain every three minutes.

“There has been something of a perfect storm for solar energy in April,” says TV weatherman Michael Fish, who is helping HomeSun promote solar energy. “We’ve got very bright weather, rising domestic energy bills and the impact of last year’s Budget on millions of households.  Put those factors together and it’s not hard to see why more and more people want to generate their own energy.”

HomeSun will this week install solar panels on five neighbouring homes in Delabole, Cornwall on the same day. “We think this will be Britain’s first ‘solar street’,” said Daniel Green, CEO of HomeSun. “Our homes produce a massive 27% of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions. Now more than ever homeowners are realising that cutting emissions is not just good for the planet, it's an excellent way to cut bills as well.”

HomeSun and FindaProperty are currently on the hunt to find Britain’s Greenest Home and reward them with £3,000.