A new online comparison tool has just been launched to help solar power generators gain the best deal.

The site, ‘Open Utility’ allows customers to learn about and compare Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

The price comparison website is the first peer-to-peer online market place for trading renewable energy – avoiding the big six energy companies and publicising previous closed door settlements.

Open utility is hoping that as much as 20% could be saved by using the site for renewable energy producers, by creating a more transparent market.

The online comparison tool is meant for any generation 30kW and over, also comparing deals for wind, biomass and hydro power.

The site aims to simplify comparing PPAs by explaining different variables, making it clear what the agreed utility payment rates are including extra fees and separate government tariff payments, so renewable energy generators can make more informed choices when choosing a PPA.  

The site aims to open up the previously introverted industry to change the interaction between renewable energy generators and utilities.

The Open Utility tool started with pilot in Cornwall, and then launched a UK wide pilot to reach the newly launched website tool available now.

The pilot was funded by social technology funder, nominet trust.