The Green Deal is facing renewed criticism after the government confirmed that just four households had signed a Green Deal plan since its launch in January.

The statistics published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) reveal that, despite 38,259 Green Deal assessments being lodged by 16 June, only 241 Green Deal plans have been logged, with just four confirmed.

The figures mean that fewer than 1% of all households who have had a Green Deal assessment have followed through to get a Green Deal plan.

The statistics also reveal that there are now over 200 organisations signed up as Green Deal assessors, employing nearly 1,800 advisors. The number of Green Deal providers has also increased from 25 in January to 63 as of 16 June.

Commenting on the progress of the Green Deal, energy secretary Edward Davey said: “The Green Deal has only just got underway, but it’s already inspiring consumers to take action to keep their homes warm and bills down.”

Greg Barker, the minister for energy and climate change took to Twitter to acknowledge criticisms that the scheme’s lack of finance providers is hampering uptake. He said:

In response to the statistics the UK Green Building Council has orchestrated a coalition of various companies to write to all three main political parties to express their “major concerns” with the Green Deal.

Paul King, chief executive of UK-GBC, said: “It is obviously disappointing that more Green Deal assessments have not been turned into finance plans, and it shows just how crucial additional incentives are to drive take up. But we simply cannot let this fail – retrofitting the UK’s housing stock is too important for reducing energy bills, improving health, creating jobs in the construction sector and avoiding costs of new generating capacity – and no one has a credible alternative.

“Business leaders are saying loud and clear that we need to forge a new consensus between politicians of all parties, the private sector and the public around retrofit, to depoliticise something that simply has to be done. It will require some tough choices, but it is absolutely in the public and nation’s best interest to address this as a matter of urgency. The Green Deal provides an important foundation to build on.”

However, the scheme is still receiving support from sections of the industry. Bill Rumble, chief commercial officer at energy saving company Mark Group, said: “It is clearly still early days for the Green Deal and there remain elements of the process to be finalised.

“That said, we believe there is significant scope for consumer take-up over the coming months and we have already identified and surveyed 10,000 homes that are particularly well placed for Green Deal support. 

“As such, we will be launching a dedicated Green Deal proposition to these homeowners over the coming weeks and months. We are confident that we can sign up a significant number before the end of the year.

The full Green Deal statistical release can be viewed here.