Opus Green has installed a 40-panel solar photovoltaics system at an alpaca farm in Northumberland. The farm, which houses both alpacas and sheep, is now self-sufficient.

Paul and Debbie Rippon use water from one of the natural springs on their land as well as utilising energy from a ground source heat pump and the newly installed solar panels.

“Both Debbie and I were impressed with the professional advice Opus Green gave us, they were quick to respond and were more interested in providing us with the right technical advice for our development rather than just selling us different renewable systems,” explained Rippon.

Chris Cassells, Managing Director of Opus Green, said: “I was pleased to be able to help Debbie and Paul make their farm almost fully self-sustainable in terms of energy. Not only have they made a great investment that will be a source of income for 25 years and will pay for itself in 8 years they have also added value to their property, and are helping the environment in the process.”

“We were spending over £2,000 a year on oil heating and electricity at our last house, and so at the new farm we wanted an alternative solution and approached Opus Green. The renewable energy solutions they provided not only make financial sense; they also make you feel good. We hate waste and this way we make the most of all the resources available to us, we even found a way of using the alpaca dung to create odourless fuel blocks for our heating stove,” concluded Rippon.