Organic Energy has now secured an agreement to supply SCHOTT Solar PV products, providing the company with an opportunity to enter into the agricultural sector. SCHOTT’s power modules have been independently tested and approved to withstand exposure to the ammonia produced in livestock farming environments for at least 25 years.

“The Organic Energy ethos for quality in both products and service fits perfectly with the reputation of SCHOTT Solar products and we are extremely pleased to have been selected as one of a limited number UK suppliers of [SCHOTT’s] solar PV range,” said Organic Energy Managing Director Andy Boroughs.

“The expansion of renewable energy generation is going to rely, in large part, on customers being convinced of the efficiency and longevity of their installations. Poor quality products, inappropriately installed, will damage the reputation of the whole sector, which is why at Organic Energy we are committed to only working with the best products available – products upon which we are happy to stake our hard-won reputation.”

Mr Bob Mills, UK Sales Director at SCHOTT Solar said, “We are delighted to be working alongside Organic Energy, a company which has a passion of renewables and fits well with our ethos at SCHOTT Solar. We have no doubt that this new business relationship will be successful, given Organic Energy's already established reputation within the industry.”